School and Community-Based Programs

Pro+ Sports works in collaboration with schools, daycare centres, sports clubs and community-based organizations to design and deliver sports programs that meet the specific needs of their clientele. Some schools hire Pro+ Sports to provide students with the opportunity to maintain or improve their physical fitness and overall health in line with the Ministry of Education’s Policy on Daily Physical Activity. Other schools, daycare centres and community-based organizations use sports as a means of teaching children and youth important values and life lessons such as how to be a leader, how to control emotions, how to work in a team setting and how to deal with success and failure. Whatever your reasons are, Pro+ Sports can work with you to design and deliver the program that is right for your clientele!

School and community-based programs generally run for 8 weeks. We recommend 30 minute sessions for children between the ages of 2 and 5 and 60 minute sessions for older children and youth. To save you time and trouble, we come to you and bring all the necessary equipment. Contact us to have Pro+ Sports deliver a sports program in your school, daycare centre, club or organization.